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  1. Is Chaser Plus & Chaser Pills for Hangovers Still Available?

    […] actually makes Chaser Plus so effective is the inclusion of calcium carbonate and the activated carbon (listed among the “inactive ingredients”). The tiny ‘pores’ in the carbon […]

  2. Jeetu Melwani
    Jeetu Melwani

    How interesting! I never knew there’s so much to make out of activated charcoal and amazing benefits from it.Thanks

  3. Linda More
    Linda More

    So you’re saying activated charcoal would not be a good solution to ridding the body of toxins that have accumulated over a period of years, such as mercury from amalgam fillings or air pollution? Just curious. Do you have a suggestion as to what a good product for such a detox treatment?
    Thank you!

    ( I have also forwarded my email add. hoping to take part in the alcohol detox trial. Hope to hear from you and hopeful your product works. It will sell like hotcakes!!! )


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