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× All ready registered for an affiliate account? Login Here is home to Sobur, a dihydromyricetin based supplement that, quite frankly, is the most effective and fast-acting hangover cure on the market.

Want proof: check out our user testimonials from hangover-free customers all across the earth or see what the press has to say about us (hint: they like it!)

The Sobur affiliate program offers a competitive and hassle-free way to turn your chosen traffic channel (PPC, Social, email list, etc) or web site’s traffic into legitimate revenue.

We offer our verified affiliates up to 24% commission per sale. At the increasingly high conversion rates that we see, there are no other health & wellness affiliate programs that perform as well as ours.

Hangover Cure Affiliate

Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • Tiered commission system with performance incentives
  • Fortnightly payments with no minimum
  • Dedicated affiliate manager with email support

Affiliate FAQ

Q: How Frequent Are Affiliate Payouts Made?

A: We pay our affiliates fortnightly, on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Q: What Are The Payout Minimums?

A: There are no affiliate payout minimums for the Sobur affiliate program. That means you can refer 200 sales or 2, but come the next payout date (the 1st and 15th of every month) you receive your commission – no sweat.

Q: How Do You Pay Affiliates?

A: We send affiliate payments via PayPal. If your earnings are over $500.00, you may request a special alternative payment type.

Q: Do You Have Promotional Material That I Can Use?

A: Absolutely! In our affiliate back-end section (sign up below for access) we have display ads, banners, email and website copy and plenty of promotional material for you to easily start promoting our affiliate program and make some money!

Q: Do You Ship/Sell/Allow Affiliate Promotion To My Geographic Market? (UK, Australia, Africa, EU, America, Asia, etc)

A: We offer free shipping worldwide for the Sobur product and similarly, we allow affiliates to sign up from any country and sell to any country world wide. There is actually a lot of money to be made cornering a geographical location – contact us for more details.

Q: How Much Can I Earn With Your Affiliate Program?

A: We offer 24% affiliate commissions on all orders. That means if you send a customer to the Sobur website using your special refferal link and they make a purchase—whether that purchase is for $30 or $300—you make 24% of the final sales value as your commission.

We have a few affiliates who make a handsome full-time income through referring customers to us. Sign up for our affiliate program below and take the first step towards making real money!

Hangover Cure Affiliate

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