9 Cheap Drinking Accessories from AliExpress

AlicoholExpress - AliExpress Drinking Accessories & Equipment


1.  Breathalyser

Safety accessory or challenger?  It all depends how you use it, but for $4 shipped this breathalyzer is a must have drinking accessory and might just save someone’s life.

2. Cocktail Kit

$13 doesn’t get you too much these days, except on AliExpress.  For the price of a decent bottle of wine, you can get a kit that’ll transform your imbibing into high gear.  Everything you need to make great cocktails is included in this kit.

3.  Distillery Equipment

Fancy making your own booze?  Always wanted to run a micro brewery or niche distillery?  AliExpress can help you do it professionally and cheaply (although perhaps not safely…?).  We have to admit, it does look great and well made for $130.

Crystal Skull from AliExpress | Drinking Accessories | Sobur Hangover Cure

4.  Crystal Head Bottle & Shot Glasses

An ’homage’ to Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka may be the kindest way to describe this glass skull decanter.  It’s very cool, and who doesn’t love Ghostbusters?

5.  Wine Bottle Thermometer

Know when your wine is the perfect temperature based on varietal so it tastes the best.  Burgandy should be served at a slightly higher temperature than chianti — who knew?!

6.  Whiskey Stones

A big business and often overlooks as drinking accessories; while we prefer ice in our stronger, peatier, drams, whiskey stones are great for more delicate whiskies that don’t do well with the dilution ice can cause.

7.  Silicone Beer Stoppers

I know you’ve probably never left a beer unfinished, but these are pretty cool for $2.50 and can be used on wine bottles if the cork gets lost or mangled.

8.  Stainless Steel Metal Straws (Biodegradable Paper) (xmas) (dicks)

Stainless Stell drinking straws looks awesome.  But there’s also Chrismas and dick themed straws depending on how you prefer to sip your drink.

9.  Copper Tumblers

The iconic moscow mule copper tumbler, these are very cheap — at least in the U — and look great. Definitely great for chilling out on a summer evening with some friends — make sure you buy enough for them too!

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