The 13 Best Drinking Apps & Services

There’s an app for almost every aspect of your drinking experience (except the best parts)! We’re living in a brand new world, one where robots recommend beer, or delivery it, or scientifically quantify our level of intoxicaiton (challenge accepted!). Here’s our collection of the best drinking apps available to us today:


A straightforward app to invite friends for a beer with just a tap. Accept the invitation straight from the lockscreen. Available on both Apple and Android devices.

For: The regulars



A giant catalogue of cocktail recipes. Learn how to create some basic staples to impress your friends and elevate your drinking above domestic largers. We recommend the Hemmingway collection.

For: The adventurous



Keg delivery in San Francisco. Is there really anything else we need to say?

For: The hosts



Discover and share beers, bars, and pubs.

For: The beer drinkers



Synek is a desktop draft system, chilling, pressurising, and preserving your beer, serving it the way the gods intended. It’s the Keurig for beer.

For: The gadget lovers



As far as artificial intelligence goes, this is one of the better uses we’ve seen, spot on beer recommendations. Just take a photo of a beer and rate it to start getting sugggestions. Take a snapshot of a long and complex beer menu and have Picky tell you which pint is the most agreeable. Available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

For: *ALL* beer drinkers



Delectable drops of wine knowledge. Learn about wine effortlessly, never be caught out at a restaurant again.

For: Wine Drinkers



In a similar vein to the last two, WhatWine helps you decide what to order from an entire wine menu just by photograph, telling you what each wine pairs best with which type of food.

For: Dudes on dates


Drizly & Minibar

Alochol delivery in under an hour. The only way they could make this better is by using drones. Drizly is effortless, efficient, and has saved the day on multiple occasions. Minibar is great too, but serves other cities. Check both to see which delivers to your area.

For: The automobile-less



A breathyliser for the iPhone. Compare scores, compete, get drunk, but never drink and drive — you’ve no excuse now.

lapka iphone breathalyser | sobur hangover

For: Drivers and the health conscious.  Or… alcoholics.



We don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a full bar stocked with a range of bitters, cachaça, or vermouth (farmers?), but if you’ve ever wondered what cocktails you could make from what you’ve got hanging around in the back of the drink cupboard, Mixtura can tell you. iPhone app.


For: Experimenters



Cocktails seem great but if you never have the ingredients to hand and want to experiment, Shaken delivery everything you need monthly so you can experiment to your hearts content.


For: Experimenters


We hope you found something on this list to enhance your drinking experience,

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