Can Marijuana Get Rid Of An Alcohol Hangover?

Weed Hangover

I’ve done it, and I’m sure you have too: partied a little too hard the night before and had an alcohol binge drinking fest, and had to pay the price the next day with a mild to massive hangover.

It’s why we created Sobur, to help cure those epic hangovers! It’s strange, however, that many conversations I have with people about our hangover cure pills end up with people telling me their tried and trusted cures for a crushing mid-week hangover. The most common home hangover cure seems to be weed (or ‘marijuana’ — if we’re being posh)

Weed: a viable hangover cure?

As is my tendency; I had to investigate!

Is weed the cure to hangover symptoms caused by excess alcohol consumption: the notorious headaches, upset stomachs, aches and pains, and loss of will to do anything but call in sick and watch entire seasons of ‘House Of Cards’ on Netflix? (love that show!)

The unpleasant symptoms that we experience during a hangover are often caused by two factors:

  • – The diuretic alcohol effect (alcohol essentially acts as a mild laxative) that causes the drinker to become dehydrated and lacking in nutrients as they are cleared from the body.
  • – The toxic effects of alcohol poisoning on systems in the body.

Marijuana does not rehydrate/replenish you or help flush alcohol poisons from your body. So it is not an effective hangover cure in that sense!

So where does this ‘myth’ about weed come from?

Marijuana can help with hangover symptoms in a more indirect way: by helping you eat!

A commenter on the forums stated the following, which helps explain this point better,

“It doesn’t “cure” them… a hangover will stop once your body has rid itself of the leftover alcohol and been re-hydrated. I use marijuana for hangovers because it cures my nausea and allows me to drink water (which I usually just throw back up) and get food in my stomach. It’s not a cure per se, but it definitely helps.”

Weed can also help with the nausea hangover symptoms, as Cannabis is prescribed to cancer patients in some US states as a cure for nausea. I’d have to advise that you go easy with this advice, as being both high and hungover is not fun!

The important thing to remember is that your body sees alcohol as a poison, so a hangover should be no surprise: doobie or no doobie. One easy way around that hangover however, is Sobur, a proven hangover cure!

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