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  1. What Alcohol Does To The Liver - Sobur Hangover Cure

    […] Lemon may be one of the most common items that you see in the kitchen but it can offer an overabundance of benefits to the human body particularly the liver. Not many people know of the alkalizing effect of lemon because there is a common notion that lemon is highly acidic due to its sour taste. This alkalizing power can help balance the acid levels of the body especially after drinking alcohol. Although under-appreciated, lemon can offer a detoxifying effect not only for the liver but for the whole body in general. […]

  2. Can Marijuana Weed Get Rid Of Alcohol Hangovers?

    […] why we created Sobur, to help cure those epic hangovers! It’s strange, however, that many conversations I have with people about our hangover cure […]

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