Are Beer Goggles Real?

The other day, I was browsing some website or another (totally innocent, I swear), and came across this interesting playboy piece titled “does more drink equal more sex”: (link and associated adverts are totally NSFW by the way, so don’t open if you’re at the office) A synopsis, in case you are at the…

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The older you get… the better the hangovers?

getting old less hangovers

FINALLY, there is an upside to getting old! No more yellow porsches in the drive way due to a mid-life-crisis. No more stressing out over yet another grey hair. Now, whenever your smug son or daughter teases you about how old your getting, you can throw this in their face: you can drink more and…

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How Hangovers Affect Productivity

Hangovers are one of the most common reasons for decreased productivity at work, lost revenues and dysfunction in the office, and the hangovers people come in to work with are more than just inconvenient headaches – they are costing businesses tens of thousands of pounds. Discover a hangover cure pill with Sobur that restores the…

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