The Differences Between an Alcohol and Kratom Hangover

Kratom hangovers can be just as bad

Kratom and alcohol consumption have been closely linked with each other for a long time now. However, what’s mutual are some of the aftermaths of binge drinking. Kratom is a tropical plant which is extracted in Southeast Asian countries and consumed in many different forms. The traditional practice was to boil kratom leaves and chew…

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How to Hide a Hangover at Work

Don Draper Hungover At Work Napping to hide a hangover

Monday morning and an 8am start. You’re regretting your decisions for going out last night and you forgot to take a couple of Sobur before you hit the hay.  You’re sat in bed procrastinating about even going into work. But don’t worry we’ve all been there and luckily for you, you’re in the right place.…

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