White wine drinker? You may have been pouring yourself bigger measures!

According to a new study by some clever scientists at Iowa State University, wine drinkers could be pouring themselves more than they think!

White Wine Drinkers

Participants in a study at the US University were asked to pour what they considered a ‘normal drink‘ using different types of glasses, in various settings.

Those asked to serve themselves a normal glass of white wine into a clear glass dished out 9% more than when pouring red wine, on average. Even more bizarre, wide glasses were filled around 12% more than standard glasses, and those topping up their wine in-hand added another 12% compared to filling their glass using a table or countertop.

The influence of the wine colour and glass type could have serious consequences for drinkers’ health, the researchers stated.

Dr Doug Walker, lead author of the study, said:

“”If you ask someone how much they drink and they report it in a number of servings, for a self-pour that’s just not telling the whole story.

One person’s two is totally different than another person’s two. Participants in the study were asked to pour the same amount at each setting, but they just couldn’t tell the difference.”

Similar cues have been found to affect eating behaviours, with plate size and food labels having the same effect on how much an individual eats, the same way the size and shape of a glass can cause drinkers to pour larger amounts than they intended to.

Even colour contrast was shown to have an affect, with the study showing that if the glass matches the colour of the wine, drinkers are inclined to consume more.

Iowa State’s Laura Smarandescu, who was part of the team who carried out these studies, concluded that these variables affect how we assess volumes.

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