The Differences Between an Alcohol and Kratom Hangover

Kratom hangovers can be just as bad

Kratom and alcohol consumption have been closely linked with each other for a long time now. However, what’s mutual are some of the aftermaths of binge drinking. Kratom is a tropical plant which is extracted in Southeast Asian countries and consumed in many different forms. The traditional practice was to boil kratom leaves and chew them, but now millennials have interesting ways to consume it. Alcohol is an ingredient that is found in beer and wine. It is widely acknowledged as ethanol.

How are kratom and alcohol consumed?

Kratom, as discussed, was traditionally chewed, but now there is a vast array of options to consume kratom. Most online vendors sell kratom powder on kratom websites to the customers. Whereas a lot of people consume it in the form of capsules for they contain the right amount of kratom that is to be consumed by a person. Interestingly kratom is now infused in drinks and different food items. Kratom tea and kava are two cliché beverages in South Florida that are available at an economical price for the citizens.

Alcohol is consumed in the form of a drink and is sometimes infused in different beverages. Alcohol starts to show its signs as soon as a person takes the first sip

What happens after the consumption of kratom and alcohol?

If taken in moderate amount, none of kratom or alcohol cause any damage. However, if you get involved in binge drinking, it can have severe repercussions. Researchers claim kratom overdose can cause death. Many people who consume kratom claim it causes a mild buzz in the body and is responsible for sedative effects. The death of a 27-year old bodybuilder created a rage when he died because of kratom overdose.

Alcohol causes sedation that is proved. Too much alcohol consumption can cause high blood pressure and sudden heart stroke. Stats claim, people who are involved in binge drinking often end up having blood clots, heart strokes and suffer from kidney failure. Alcohol intake is also the reason for many car accidents and other public issues.

Is there any difference between alcohol and kratom hangover?

A hangover is regarded as a state in which a person starts showing unpleasant symptoms and signs because of drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol hangover has many repercussions, such as a person losing consciousness, getting angry, getting involved in a fight, ending up in the hospital emergency because of intense body pains, etc. There is no such thing as kratom hangover for it is consumed in powder form, and people who consume it in the form of beverage claim it causes a mild buzz in the body.

People who are frequent kratom consumers also claim it provides them relief from anxiety and depression whereas too much alcohol consumption is linked to addiction and increased anxiety. So there is a significant difference between alcohol and kratom overconsumption. Another concrete difference between the intakes of the two are the claims made by people. Kratom has no scientific evidence confirming any side effects or benefits whereas alcohol has proven pros and cons.

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