How to Hide a Hangover at Work

Don Draper Hungover At Work Napping to hide a hangover

Monday morning and an 8am start. You’re regretting your decisions for going out last night and you forgot to take a couple of Sobur before you hit the hay.  You’re sat in bed procrastinating about even going into work. But don’t worry we’ve all been there and luckily for you, you’re in the right place. It’s not all about the fatty fry-ups (although, that would be a dream) and the strong cups of coffee it all starts in the comfort of your own home. The toilet.

Now that you’ve gotten through the hard part of getting out of bed, get yourself to the bathroom where all the grooming starts. Have a cold shower and rid yourself of last night’s alcohol and terrible choices. Mask your hangover with redness-relief eye drops and do the simple steps of brushing your teeth. Don’t forget, you are the champ. Shave your stubble with pride, be the clean-shaven man who knows how to sneakily hide a hangover. Today is your day.

Congratulations, you’re doing well so far! Always remember to look the part. You’re not going to convince your boss you’re doing okay by wearing loose pants and forgetting your tie. Pick out some light and breathable clothes for the day, a smart cotton shirt maybe? As much as you’d love to wear your favourite sweater, unfortunately, the ethanol in alcohol will cause your blood vessels to widen, making you sweat and well… you won’t be smelling like roses let me tell you that. Sunglasses should be left at home nothing says hungover like a pair of shades during the wet season.

I know you’re dying on the inside and while popping an ibuprofen can help, the most crucial thing I could ever tell you to do is to, stay hydrated. You’ve gone hours raving with your mates and spending more time in a cubicle than on the dancefloor which is probably why you’ve woken up with a mouth like The Sahara. Don’t forget to always have a bottle of water on you before taking a lifesaving supplement, the Sobur Pills. These bad boys will replenish all the vitamins you’ve lost and detoxify your liver so say goodbye to the alcohol in your system and hello to vitamins.

You’ve got that uneasy feeling in your stomach and you’re praying to yourself it’s not round 2 of chunder central. The time to eat is now, greasy foods may help temporarily but we need to think of your poor old body. What you really need is fruit, eggs, and bread. Pour yourself a cold glass of tomato juice, studies show that tomato juice can boost liver function and speed up alcohol digestion. Fill your body with nutrients, a few carbs and rich amino acids that will refuel and revitalize your body for a full day of energy. Don’t forget about the sobur pills!

This may sound simple but the most crucial thing is to look the part and whilst it may seem normal to be courteous you may forget when you’re hungover. Try your best to be social and let out friendly smiles and hellos even if you feel like weeping inside a cubicle, attend those meetings and sit at your desk with your shoulders back and your head held up. Believe in yourself because nothing says beating a hangover more than radiating positivity. Confidence is key and allows your boss to see it too.

There you have it, you’ve made it through these easy steps on how to hide a hangover at work strategically. Though I have blessed you with these golden rules drinking can have its consequences so please be sure to drink responsibly and know your limits and as much as you tell yourself you’re never drinking on a work day again. We’ll probably see you again next week.

With all that said, the easiest way to avoid a hangover at work is by taking 2 Sobur capsules right before you go to bed with a big glass of water.  Nothing works better!

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