How Hangovers Affect Productivity

Hangovers are one of the most common reasons for decreased productivity at work, lost revenues and dysfunction in the office, and the hangovers people come in to work with are more than just inconvenient headaches – they are costing businesses tens of thousands of pounds. Discover a hangover cure pill with Sobur that restores the body to health as you sleep off excessive drinking.

Essentially, make sure you don’t spend a day under the covers doing this after a heavy night of drinking:

Let me sleep after last nights drinking!

How hangovers lower productivity for solo entrepreneurs and businesses

Drinking causes many employees to be hungover the morning after, and is among the most common reasons for absenteeism or poor performance. Drinking is a harmful activity, and sources indicate that more than 75% of the workforce arrives at work hung over at some time or another.

Abstaining from drinking is the simplest way to avoid getting a hangover on a work morning. Consider normal drinking habits when you go socializing, especially when you are scheduled to work the next day or when you have an important contribution to make at work. Though everyone wants to stay sober on work nights, abstaining from drinking is often difficult. Socializing has demands too.

How much money is lost by businesses due to hangovers?

Everyone wants to make money these days, entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Losing money to hangovers is said to cost businesses £48,000 per minute! Hangovers are not a way to increase productivity. An employee with a hangover may result in a loss of business revenue and can cause a health risk – that will further hurt the business’s bottom line.

Can small business owners run a business while hung over?

When small business owners must cope with hangovers, they find it difficult. It is hard to pay attention and focus on the job when your head is in pain, or when you are so tired, it is difficult to stay awake. “Slow down and consider the consequences,” one entrepreneur said. “When an important customer is on the line, it’s difficult to cope when you’re hung over. For a small business, one customer can be the business. We can’t afford to lose a single customer to hangovers.”

How Sobur can save small business entrepreneurs money

Sobur saves entrepreneurs money by helping them get over their hangovers quickly and get back to work!

There are many reasons to get drunk, including pressure from work, and it can result in both a hangover as well as a financial loss. Dihydromyricetin (DHM), the active ingredient in Sobur, is a substance that is found in nature and that acts in the body to eliminate alcohol craving and drastically reduce hangover time. Take one Sobur pill after drinking too much to help the body return to health before you wake the next morning.

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