Drink Whisky: Save The World!

drink whisky
The Scotch Whisky Association has gone green.

The Whisky industry is close to achieving its zero waste target and has cut greenhouse gas emissions, despite increasing production by a whole 11 per cent, according to industry sources.

Producers of Scoth Whisky recently introduced plans of ‘going green and embracing non-fossil fuels, renewable technologies and zero waste to landfill strategies’.

We all (should) want to do our little bit to save this planet; whether that means placing plastic bottles in the recycling bin or only burning great piles of car tyres once a year, rather than every weekend. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind enjoying some good whisky while I do my bit to save the earth!

So there you have it. Drink as much whisky as you like this winter (there’s nothing better then a good book and a whisky to keep you warm), your doing the world a favor.


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