Blue Algae Touted As New & Effective Hangover Cure

If you’re nursing the after-effects of a big weekend, there’s a new cure being touted as the latest medical marvel: Blue algae.

Blue Algae Hangover Cure

Blue Algae is apparently the newest medical substance to help ward off a hangover. The “super-goo”, which blooms on the surface of some lakes, has six times more antioxidants than blueberries and more calcium than milk.

It is said to help replace and repair cells in your body, from skin and hair to muscle and bone tissue.

A company named FTN has developed a hangover curing shot drink that they have dubbed as a “nutraceutical” designed to protect and nourish your body’s own adult stem cell renewal process.

“It’s this renewal process that allows your body to replace and repair cells throughout your body, from skin and hair to muscle and bone tissue – they all come from stem cells.

The blue-green algae is rich in vital nutrients which the cells needs in order to divide and replicate effectively, while the other ingredients, blueberry extract, green tea, amino acid and vitamin D help to protect the cells from any further free radical damage.”

Rest assured, the Sobur team is hard at working investigating this new “super goo”, and pending additional tests we may consider trialing it in a new product line.

Watch this space!


Sobur In The Media

Have You Heard About The “Miracle Hangover Cure” that Wired magazine, New Scientist and the NY Post are all talking about?

It’s called Dihydromyricetin and it will change the way you consume alcohol for ever! Sobur, our hangover cure supplement, uses dihydromyricetin (read more about Dihydromyricetin here) as our key ingredient, along with several other essential ingredients that replenish & restore key vitamins and minerals the body looses when you drink alcohol.


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