Dihydromyricetin: Benefits & Drawbacks

benefits of dihydromyricetin

The dietary supplement most commonly known as Dihydromyricetin (DHM), but also referred to as Ampelopsin as it is a type of flavonoid extracted from Ampelopsis grossedentata, promises a number of benefits (and some drawbacks) related to alcohol consumption. Let’s go ahead and deep-dive into what, exactly, those pro’s and cons are. Main Benefits of Dihydromyricetin…

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The 10 Most Stylish & Cool Alcohol Hip Flasks

Star Wars R2D2 Whiskey Flask | Best Flasks | Sobur Hangover Cure

1.  Alfred Dunhill – Chassis Leather and Stainless steel hip flask (Mr Porter) $175 2.  J.Crew Prohibition era hip flask (J.Crew) $45 3.  Plain Stainless Steel Hip Flask (AliExpress) $3-4.20 4.  Nintendo Cartridge flask (Ink Whiskey) $20 5.  Stanley Adventure Flask (amazon) $20 6.  Macallan x Oakley flask (Macallan) £600 7.  R2D2 Hip Flask (etsy)…

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