The older you get… the better the hangovers?

FINALLY, there is an upside to getting old!

No more yellow porsches in the drive way due to a mid-life-crisis.
No more stressing out over yet another grey hair.

Mid Life Crisis

Now, whenever your smug son or daughter teases you about how old your getting, you can throw this in their face: you can drink more and not be affected as severely as they can by hangovers!

Ooh yeah, how does that feel you smug youngster with your piercings and skinny jeans and stuff…

But I (awkwardly) digress. A recent study of 50,000+ adults found both men and women report fewer hangover symptoms as they get older.

The Danish health study — entitled “Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research” — asked participants how often they binge drank (meaning 5 or more drinks in a sitting) and how often it led to headaches, vomiting and other symptoms.

The youngest in the study were most likely to binge drink, unsurprisingly. Both men and women reported fewer post-binge hangover symptoms as their age increased: 21% of women age 18-29 always or almost always felt nausea vs. 3% of women over 60.

The difference between some groups was dramatic – 21 percent of women aged 18 to 29 suffer nausea when hung over, compared to just three percent of women 60 and over.

What was most surprising about the study is that even though those aged 18-30 binge drink more regularly then those in aged 50-60, the younger group did not build up a resistance, instead their hangovers were substantially worse after a heavy night than older adults.

Scientists have a few explanations for this increased alcohol tolerance as we age:

  • It could simply be down to alcohol tolerance, built up over decades
  • Older people drink more sensibly, having less at any one time – typically six drinks as opposed to nine for young adults.
  • The older generation avoid mixing drinks and opt for lighter spirits, less likely to cause hangovers.

The Telegraph newspaper put it best:

Learning to handle a hangover with grace is as much part of the education of an English gentleman as learning to ride to hounds or tie a Windsor knot.

It seems, thankfully for the older generations, that there are some important life skills (read: holding your drink!)that only experience can teach!


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