Your Brain On Beer Vs Coffee: How To Utilise Both As Creative Tools

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I’ve recently been reading the writings of the late Charles Bukowski, a brilliant writer who published his first novel at the age of 49, and was a functioning alcoholic.

The man was an insecure misogynist (watch this video for some pretty shocking footage of Bukowski kicking his fiance during filming), an alcoholic, foul mouthed literary — but man could he write!

He showed persistence and discipline that would put some of the great thinkers of our time to shame, and displayed an honesty and rawness in his words while still having lots of artistic finesse.

Besides producing a hangover cure product that enables men and women around the world to party hard and still dominate the day afterwards, one of my aspirations is to become a writer.

Curious as to how Mr Bukowski managed to write so well while maintaining a life that most rockstar’s would envy, I came across this brilliant infographic that explains how alcohol and coffee (two of my favourite things in life) interact with the brain, and how both can be used to optimise brain function.

Your Brain On Beer Vs Coffee

Credit for the infographic goes to Ryoko Iwata at


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