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Sobur is the most effective hangover cure supplement available today, as confirmed by our happy customers including CEOs, students, sales executives and even doctors!

Containing the famous Chinese herbal extract DHM & other safe, natural ingredients like Vitamin C & B complex, Sobur is a safe way to instantly recover after lots of drinking and protect your brain & body from a party-fueled lifestyle. Say bye to hangovers, no matter how much you drank the night before.

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How Sobur uses science to banish your hangovers

GABA in the brainThe herbal ingredient Dihydromyricetin (DHM) in Sobur is an anti-oxidant that lowers the amount of GABA in the brain.

GABA, a neurotransmitter drastically increased by alcohol, causes communication between brain neurons to slow down; decreasing cognition, fine motor skills, judgement, and inhibitions.

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine (NAC) has long been used in the medical industry to detoxify the liver, with Vitamin C working with NAC to hunt down and destroy the nasty remnants of alcohol consumption. Alcohol depletes many B vitamins, and Sobur contains large amounts to help recovery, fight fatigue and improve mental agility.

Sobur ‘Banish Hangovers’ guarantee

Sobur 100% guaranteeWe guarantee that Sobur will get rid of your hangover! Not many so-called “hangover cure” products are that confident in their product, but we stand behind our product 100%! Read more about our ‘try it, love it, or your money back‘ guarantee here.

Safe & proven hangover cure supplement

Good Manufacturing Practice CertifiedSobur hangover cure pills are manufactured in the United States, in a cGMP certified facility. Sobur hangover cure pills were developed for ourselves, while we tried to find a way to stay productive after an unplanned night out drinking, and we only consume quality, safe ingredients.

Our ingredients have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. As made famous in New Scientist magazine, DHM (the key ingredient of Sobur) was clinically proven to be effective for alcohol detoxification. Other ingredients within Sobur have long been used in the medical industry; they enhance the immune system, fighting off toxins and improving liver health.

How much is a day of productivity worth?

value for moneyRunning an online business is a full-time job, one that often leaves the team here at Sobur needing a drink (or ten) at the end of a hard day curing hangovers worldwide. With 2 Sobur pills before bed, we can be up bright and early the very next morning, enjoying another energetic day.

We believe that a day of hard work and good-living is priceless, which is why Sobur, for the price of one round of drinks, offers insane value by giving you back entire days that you would previously have to lose to hangovers!

If you have any questions about Sobur, our guarantee or just want to say hi, email or call us personally, and we’ll work with you to put a smile on your face.

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You can see some of the excellent feedback that the world renowned Sobur hangover cure pills have received on the testimonials page. Here are some of the highlights from previous customers:

Sobur Testimonial from Tony

Koah TestimonialI have used quite a few hangover remedies and these actually work!

Be aware that they are not making false claims that it completely cures you, no matter how much you drink. Any remedy that claims that is false. If you decide to drink a tub full of Vodka, you will die, and no pill can cure that headache or bring you back from the dead. Sobur is honest and says that you will be more “clear-headed” than usual.

I find myself able to function normally with mild fuzziness, which is amazing compared to being nauseated, dizzy, and fatigued. The last time I entered a drinking contest, I took this pill before bed, and was able to fly [a simulator] Boeing 787 with 200 passengers safely from NY to LA. We didn’t make it to LA and I don’t remember what airport we landed at exactly, but the passengers were safe. Cheers!

Khoa T, Colorado – USA

Joseph TestimonialSobur works (very) well for me!

In fact I used it just this past weekend after celebrating at an engagement party in Baltimore. We stayed out very late and I took 2 Sobur before going to bed at the hotel. I woke up Saturday morning feeling much better than I normally would after that many drinks the night before. I have another party coming up a couple weeks that Sobur will certainly come in handy for as well. Thanks for making a great product.

Joseph L, Pennsylvania – USA

Christopher SAfter “penis enlargement pills“, the ‘hangover cure‘ space has to be one of the most controversial health product areas out there…

After thoroughly checking out all the Sobur info (from the FAQs down to their manufacturing certifications) I was re-assured that:

– I probably wouldn’t die, and;

– My doctor wife probably wouldn’t be too mad at me.

I’m glad to report that not only did I not die, I am actually confident that they work!

I banished terrible hangovers several years ago just by learning to drink a lot of water, but I definitely tend to feel sluggish the morning after. These pills seem quite effective at removing that, and I was very surprised to find they do seem to noticeably increase alertness shortly (less than 30mins) after taking them. Unlike caffeine, they don’t then keep you up all night…

I’m not generally one for alternative remedies, and like I said, I was particularly skeptical of these. But last night I used the pills from my 20 pack and today I happily put my money down and ordered some more online.

Obviously this is a sample-size-of-one anecdotal report, but if you’re at all curious it’s definitely worth trying out.

Note: I’ve met one of the companies owners a few times but have no stake in the business. I’m posting this purely out of appreciation for a surprisingly good product which I think anyone who occasionally has a big night of drinks and regrets it the next day would be interested in.

Christopher S, London – UK

Michael VSobur has helped me avoid wicked hangovers on several occasions, and for that I’m very thankful. There’s a certain subtle joy to not feeling like total shit when you wake up. This stuff has earned a permanent place in my medicine cabinet.

Michael V, St. Louis Missouri – USA

Bang With Camino TestimonialI had an opportunity to test out the samples Sobur gifted me with about a week ago. I forgot to take them before bed but I did take them in the morning after I awoke. The headache that planned on spending all day with me was canceled. I only took one pill but within 30 minutes I was feeling like myself and ready for another round. I recommend the next time you go out, or sit depressed by yourself, take two of Sobur’s hangover remedy pills.

Camino from

Great product. Couple of these before bed after a heavy night & I wake up completely hangover free!!

Nick M – UK

Gary J TestimonialWork used to be pretty much impossible after an evening out. After popping a few of these pills before going to bed I wake up feeling fine, my energy levels are normal and there is non of the usual brain fog. Sobur is the bee’s knees!

Gary J – Scotland

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