How to Hide a Hangover at Work

Don Draper Hungover At Work Napping to hide a hangover

Monday morning and an 8am start. You’re regretting your decisions for going out last night and you forgot to take a couple of Sobur before you hit the hay.  You’re sat in bed procrastinating about even going into work. But don’t worry we’ve all been there and luckily for you, you’re in the right place.…

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The 10 Most Stylish & Cool Alcohol Hip Flasks

Star Wars R2D2 Whiskey Flask | Best Flasks | Sobur Hangover Cure

1.  Alfred Dunhill – Chassis Leather and Stainless steel hip flask (Mr Porter) $175 2.  J.Crew Prohibition era hip flask (J.Crew) $45 3.  Plain Stainless Steel Hip Flask (AliExpress) $3-4.20 4.  Nintendo Cartridge flask (Ink Whiskey) $20 5.  Stanley Adventure Flask (amazon) $20 6.  Macallan x Oakley flask (Macallan) £600 7.  R2D2 Hip Flask (etsy)…

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