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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

Sobur Hangover Cure Pills Guarantee

Yes! We guarantee that you will feel better with Sobur! All hangover cure pill orders purchased through www.Sobur.co are backed by our ‘Banish Hangovers Guarantee‘ from the date of purchase. This is essentially a ‘try it, love it, or your money back‘ policy that you can read more about on our guarantee page.

How is Sobur shipped and can you deliver to the UK/USA/Europe/my specific location?

Simple: all shipping for Sobur.co orders is free and we more then likely do ship to your location!

We are a UK based company, and we ship all orders the same day. This means that free delivery to UK locations typically takes 2-3 days, delivery to the most European locations typically arrive in 5-7 days and orders from the US typically take ~7 days to arrive. Please get in contact with us for specific shipping times to your location if not mentioned above.

Is Sobur a safe & tested dietary supplement?



Sobur hangover cure is manufactured in the United States, in a cGMP certified supplement facility. We developed Sobur for ourselves initially, trying to find a way to stay productive after an unplanned night out drinking, and we only put quality and safe ingredients in to our bodies!

How does Sobur Hangover Cure work, exactly?

Sobur is a natural, scientifically proven hangover cure, that reverses the effects alcohol has on the brain and liver, ‘sobering’ you up and eliminating that groggy, duvet-diving feeling after a wild night on the town.

The herbal extract Dihydromyricetin (DHM) in Sobur is a potent anti-oxidant and lowers the amount of GABA in the brain, a neurotransmitter alcohol increases drastically.

GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and causes communication between neurons to slow, decreasing cognition, fine motor skills, judgement, and inhibitions. Too much GABA can slow the brain down enough for a person to black out, or become unconscious. Dihydromyricetin reverses this to get the user back into fighting shape, even after the wildest benders.

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine (NAC) has been used in medical settings for decades to detoxify the liver, with Vitamin C being a successful companion to NAC in scavenging the nasty remnants of alcohol’s metabolites. Alcohol depletes many B vitamins, and large amounts are included to help recovery, and to fight fatigue and improve mental agility.

What’s in each Sobur pill?

Each capsule of Sobur contains:

-N-Acetyl L-Carnitine
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin B mix (Niacin, B6, B5, B12)

How long does it take for Sobur hangover cure pills to take effect?

Sobur works relatively quickly to reverse the effects of alcohol, but alcohol is still present in your system, and despite feeling a lack of intoxication, we strongly advise you don’t drink and drive, operate heavy machinery, text your ex, or clear a space on the dancefloor and try to breakdance, however ‘in control’ you feel.

Saying that, our tests show that Sobur (1-2 pills) needs 30-40 minutes, on average, to take effect and give you a pleasant feeling of mental clarity. Taken just before sleep, you will wake up feeling surprisingly snappy and ready to take on the day!